the future of incontinence management
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The magic behind the technology

Non-invasive, ambient sensing technology

 The airCeption device is a small, non-invasive sensor, designed with ambient sensing technology to detect the gases in the air associated with an incontinence event.


The real-time detection and alert capabilities enables caregivers to respond to incontinence events in a timely manner, allowing them to make more informed decisions on individual continence care without having to rely on manual recording processes and routine pad changes – ultimately enabling efficient incontinence management.


airCeption redefines and facilitates incontinence care, ensuring the simplification of physical effort while improving emotional and mental wellbeing, asw ell as promoting dignity and skin integrity for sufferers. 


“Feedback from carers has been very positive, this was due to the accuracy of detection for both urinary and faecal events. Carers really felt that they were impacting the delivery of their care in a much more meaningful and time productive manner in comparison with the traditional 3 hourly pad checks, as they would often be unnecessary or untimely for the clients needs”


“The adoption of airCeption into the care setting will enable care staff to intervene rapidly, dramatically reducing the time a client needs to lay or sit in a wet or soiled pads; this practice will see reductions in skin complications in the future and it’s related consequential costs”.

Director, Dunlady House, Nursing Home